Art & social project ¨ Natives of Happiness ¨

The Project 

March 2020: when COVID started, I felt a lot of fear of many people
around me. I started to ask how did they feel everyday. I found strong emotions which I collected and separated by typologies.
As a way to share energy and positivism with them, daily I did digital paintings were I combined 2 opposites feelings, and finally created "MODELS OF FEELINGS" which I shared as a gift for their wallpapers.
Crisis always brings a story to tell.

Why is this a social & art project ?

As an artist, I believe that through energy we can expand and share perspectives in order to shape the world in a positive and beautiful way.

I believe that education is the main axis of society, so the platform seeks to educate people about different topics around human values, emotions, how to deal with them.

Let’s share the positive and energetic news around the world.

Now more than ever we need this integration.

Carolina, Venetia & Daniel


The Store 

Together we carefully curated Carolina Amaya's beautiful digital and handmade work and created a set of unforgettable art prints and every day items that stand out and represent the artistic idea. 

We use museum-quality Hahnemühle German etching paper for all art prints to accentuate Carolina's use of vibrant colours and abstract shapes. The phone cases images were meticulously placed to create a unique mobile artwork that one can feel the energy.

We hope you like our products. We have made them with love.

More to come soon!